Welcome to Mom Buns and Mayhem!

Hi I’m Jamiee, the mom behind the bun! Iā€™m from Long Island, NY and aĀ mama of two wild boys ages 9 and 2. We are a blended family.

While in this picture my hair is done in reality it’s almost always in a mom bun and my life, like most other moms, is a tad chaotic. šˆ’š¦ š§šØš­ š­š”šž š©šžš«šŸšžšœš­ š¦šØš¦ ššš§š šˆ ššØš§’š­ š¬š­š«š¢šÆšž š­šØ š›šž š­š”ššš­ šžš¢š­š”šžš«. My hair is messy, my house is usually too, and my toddler probably has food smeared on him somewhere.. and that’s ok! I’ve learned to EMBRACE the mayhem. ā£

I’ve been through a lot and have been known to always keep a smile on my face during the storm and I’m trying to spread that mentality by bringing some lightness and fun into this crazy world and that’s why Mom Buns and Mayhem was created.

So grab some coffee (or wine) take a seat and get ready for some laughs, realness, and just plain good vibes! Thank you for stopping by, XO.