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Melon’s House Party Review & Craft

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Hey friends, I have a secret to share with you guys.. did you know that objects in your house sing and speak all day long?  Well, they do, just so in a key only dogs can hear, on Melon’s House Party from Wondery Kids that is!

What is Melon's House Party?

Melon’s House Party is an audio series by Wondery Kids featuring, Melon, an eight-pound pup with a thousand pound heart who is the key to a world that lives right under our noses! She lives in a world full of friends; an always singing record player, a soulless computer, her bookshelf therapist and many more. No musical adventure is too big for Melon and her best friend Couch as long as they can figure out a way to do it together. As Melon learns about herself and the world around her, she shows us how to appreciate the little things in life and the importance of friendship and family.


Melon’s House Party season two is premiering soon and offers new episodes every Wednesday that are about 30 minutes long. You can listen to Melon’s House Party on the Wondery App

Why we love Melon's House Party...

Melon’s House Party is family-friendly and has something for the whole family – from the fantastic musical elements to the positive messages, it is a great alternative from screen time (and SO helpful to keep the littles busy when mama just needs to get some things done.)  

Melon's House Party Craft

Looking for a craft to make while listening to Melon’s House Party? Try making this recyclable DIY Drum set that Melon is sure to love. View the tutorial HERE.

Visit to learn more about Melon’s House Party and start listening today!

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