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DIY Dobby Costume

Harry Potter and Dobby CostumesHey friends! Last year my oldest wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween, so of course we needed to make A, our little house elf, Dobby! While I couldn’t find any costumes in his size, I was able to make a DIY Dobby costume for only $1, no sewing needed! 

DIY Dobby Costume

DIY Dobby Costume


Dobby No Sew Costume


  • Tan felt
  • Pencil
  • Headband 
  • Pillowcase 
  • Craft/Fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • Fabric Scissors 


For Dobby’s Outfit:

  1. Start by cutting the closed end of the pillow case in a semi circle (this will be the top/where head goes through.) Keep scrap.
  2. On the sides of each pillow cut two more semicircles (for arms)
  3. Cut three strips out of the scrap
  4. Bundle two corners between neck area and arm area and tie with strips 
  5. If needed, use third scrap strip to tie front of pillowcase to make shorter/adjust length

For Dobby’s Ears:

  1.  Using a pencil sketch dobby’s ears on felt (google images for reference.) 
  2. Cut two ears out of felt
  3. Glue ears onto headband and let dry

That’s it! This DIY no-sew Dobby costume is SO easy and perfect for the little Harry Potter fans in your life!

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