Edible Fall and Halloween Sensory Play

Happy October!

Hey friends! Lately Adrian has been putting his hands in his mouth constantly, oh the joys of toddler years, SO I’ve decided to share some fun edible sensory play ideas! One is a Halloween Sensory Bin, our BOO-Bin, and the other a Fall Edible Sensory Play Activiy. Both are so easy and provide your toddler with hours of taste safe sensory playf

Halloween Sensory BOO-Bin

Halloween Sensory Bin

You will LOVE how simple this sensory bin is and your toddler is sure to love how tasty it is! Simply grab a Halloween bucket and fill it with marshmallows. Walmart has THESE Ghost Marshmallows that work perfect and Target has THESE Ghost Peeps, however regular marshmallows work as well. Have your toddle dive in and explore the textures and taste.

Fall Edible Sensory Play

Edible Sensory Play

This Fall Edible Sensory Play idea is easy and yummy, but be warned can get a bit messy. Spray some whipped cream down on a covered surface, we were extra festive and used Pumpkin Spice Whipped Cream from Aldi, then give your toddler a cup of sprinkles. Have your toddler explore the textures and create a yummy fall treat by mixing the items together. 

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