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Mess-Free Canvas Painting

Mess Free Canvas Painting

With Mother’s Day around the corner I wanted to share this easy DIY Mother’s Day gift inspired by our¬†Mess-Free Painting¬†activity. This DIY gift is also perfect for grandma or any family member and the best part? MESS-FREE art!


  • Canvas (we got ours in the Crafter’s Square section of Dollar Tree)
  • Gallon zip-lock bag
  • Paint
  • Masking tape optional
  • Paint brush optional


  1. Create a shape or message on the canvas using masking tape (this step is optional)
  2. Place a few drops of paint colors on the canvas
  3. Carefully slide canvas inside zip-lock bag and seal shut
  4. Have your little ones paint mess free using their hands or a paint brush – visit this mess-free painting activity article for more ideas
  5. Carefully slide canvas out of zip-lock once your child is done mess-free painting
  6. Take a paper towel and carefully blot any excess paint
  7. Let dry
  8. Peel masking tape off if you created a design

Alternative Idea:

If you own a Cricut or similar machine use vinyl instead of masking tape.

You can also add handprints and footprints for a more sentimental touch – don’t forget to date the back for the perfect DIY keepsake gift.

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