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Imaginative Play: DIY Play Post Office

Imaginative Play

We decided to turn our play area into a post office! This was such a fun pretend play activity for BOTH boys, keeping reading to see how to setup your own post office at home including fun activity and book pairing ideas for children of various ages.


For our printable decorations we used The Magic Playbook’s Post Office Play Kit which is SO cute and made setting up this activity super easy!

For our postal box we used a Target cardboard box I had sitting in the basement. We painted the box blue and after it was fully dry attached some of The Magic Playbook’s printables, cut a slit in the front to put letters in, and a trap door in the back to take our letters out. This is such a fun DIY recyclable play and cardboard craft idea.



My youngest had fun coloring on the postcards and placing pretend stamps on them (we placed tape on the postcard where the stamp should go) both from the printable post office kit mentioned above. He then loved delivering and retrieving his mail from our DIY cardboard mailbox.

For my oldest we used this as an opportunity to integrate a letter writing homeschooling lesson and practiced addressing and writing out envelopes correctly.

Book Pairing:

After playing we sat down together to read Dragon Post by Kane Miller, one of our Usborne books. This story is about a boy who writes five letters to different community members to get advice about his imaginary dragon, all of them write back and you can remove the letters from the envelopes. Dragon Post such a fun interactive family story time book. You can get yours from my bookstore HERE.

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  1. This is so fun! I can’t wait to set one up for my girls.

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