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Bible Verses for Moms, March Verse & Reflection

Hey friends! I am so excited to start my new blogging series today Motherhood & Faith with March’s bible verse: Roman 12:12. If you haven’t read about why I am starting this series or would like a little more background, check out my introduction article HERE

I  wanted to focus on Romans 12:12 as the series first bible verse for moms reflection because I feel what it is saying is simple, yet sometimes, especially as busy moms, we can forget the simple basic things. I opened up about this when I was introducing this series, as I’ve found myself forgetting to simple pray – something that I should be doing constantly. 

During difficult times and the chaos of mom life the simple things don’t seem, well, that simple. It is so important though to remember to focus on the good and be hopeful of the good that is still to come, especially during times of tribulation – and to be patient, something I know as a mother I struggle with daily. For me, I need to really focus on casting my worries to God and to make prayer once again a constant and continual part of my day, this verse is a great reminder of that.


As a mother do you find you are forgetting to do the simple things Roman 12:12 states? 

  • If so, how are you planning to start implementing these things?
  • If not, leave a tip for a mom who might be struggling with this in the comments below.
Download your free scripture card here: March Scripture Card

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  1. Prayer has gotten me through a lot before.. I’ve done less of it and I’ve felt it! I need to get back on track! I’m so excited for this series! Thank you!!

    1. The power of prayer is amazing! So glad to have you joining in on this journey and series!

  2. I preached a four part series on the topic of prayer for a large organization last year. It opened my eyes to the power of prayer and studying the scriptures made me dive deeper and deeper into what I thought I already knew. Thank you for today’s post and scripture card!!!

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