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Date Night In – Clue Night & More

Date Night In Pin

Hey friends! Valentine’s Day is this weekend and being parents we don’t get many nights out, especially this passed year, so I wanted to share one of my favorite date night at home ideas, Clue Night! Keep reading through to the end for all of the fun details, for even more date night at home ideas, and a special Valentine’s Day gift idea for your significant other!

The Plan:

First, print out one of the free printable tickets below to invite your significant other to your special date night. Either hand it to them or attach it to somewhere they will find in the morning (bathroom mirror, coffee pot, front door, etc.)

Printable Download: Clue Date Night Tickets

The Game (Part 1)

Now, it’s time for the fun! Start the night by playing Clue The Game – you can play with 2 players using the “4 corners method” pictured below.

To play the 4 corner method setup the game as you would the classic way, but then after shuffling all the cards together take the top 4 cards and place them face down by the 4 corners of the board – when your piece lands in that matching corner room you can sneak a peak at that card. 

The Movie (Part 2)

To end the night, it’s time to snuggle up and watch Clue the Movie. Clue the Movie is based on the original Clue game. You can purchase the DVD on Amazon HERE, but if you have Amazon Prime it is included FREE to watch on Prime Video. It is also available to rent inexpensively on YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

This is one of my favorite movies and I am always surprised many are unaware of it! The cast including Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and many others, are amazing together and it is the perfect mix of comedy and suspense. 

Coordinating Gift Idea

Still looking for the prefect Valentine’s Day gift? Head to our Etsy shop and check out our matching Date Night & Valentine’s Day Ticket Coupons for only $4,. This printable set includes 9 different tickets, some naughty ones, and there is even custom option! Shop them HERE.

More Date Night at Home Ideas:

I’ve teamed up with other bloggers to bring more date night at home ideas! Be sure to check out all their blog posts for ideas to keep date night going at home!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. I am in love with this! My favorite game!

  2. Tara Dye says:

    yessssss!!! i love this idea!!! we love clue. this would be a perfect date night!

  3. Tara Dye says:

    yessssss!!! i love this idea!!! we love clue. this would be a perfect date night! thanks for sharing!

  4. Priscilla says:

    This is Awesome! Love this idea so much! Thank you for sharing!

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